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About Mira

Mira is a hyper-realistic experiential metaverse that bridges reality with virtual worlds.
It is built by a community of creators, brands, and institutions and owned by its contributors.

Mira’s objective is to expand everyone’s real world, and enrich it with unique and shareable experiences.

You can build, create, explore, earn, learn, interact and collaborate with others.

Mira comes from Latin and means: Wonderful, Strange, Remarkable, Amazing, Surprising, Extraordinary

Mira started in March 2016 in New York and Paris under the code name “Garou”. The name was a tribute to the French novel, the Passer Through walls.

Mira is built upon Epic Games Unreal Engine 5.



Yes, Mira is a social and collaborative platform. 

Mira has built a proprietary user system and multi-user system. 

Soon Mira will add a cross-worlds messaging system.

Generally, Mira supports 100 users in VR per space (game level) but all spaces can be instanced without limits. Good to know, there can be multiple identical digital twins running simultaneously unique events in each one.

On PC or mobile mode Mira can host hundreds of people and ultimately, Mira is planning to host thousands of users simultaneously on PC and Console.

Unlimited audience in video broadcast from within the Mira World.

avatars & digital identity

Mira will soon release a new avatar system based on Epic Games Metahumans.

They will be customizable and also offer a collection of premade, uniquely designed avatars.

The Mira World may include Ready Player Me avatars in 2023.

Easy to know with the “find my friend” feature available in-game, on the companion app or in a browser.

Mira is committed to protect its user’s privacy and is compliant and diligent with all local regulations.

Mira lets you mute avatars, ambient sounds or music, so you should not bother about it 🙂

Mira’s objective is to be an open and interoperable platform once the ecosystem and technology allow such progress.

Building the mira world

Creators use Cad data, 3D models, Lidar Scans, photogrammetry, 3D Libraries, architect drawings, 3d capturers, drone photography, artist drawings and photography to build the world much like you would do for VFX or architecture visualization. Then, the assets are imported into a game engine to finalize materials, lighting, physics simulations and interactivity giving it a high level of realism as well as magic components. From a technical standpoint, the Mira World is a video game.

Creators are working on multiple cities. Tokyo and Seoul may be next, who knows?

Since Mira is built on Unreal Engine, all interoperability capabilities of Unreal will be ported into the Mira World.

The Mira World will have persistent aspects (avatars and environments, photos) and nonpersistent aspects. 

For the time being, the Mira World is built by a community of world class artists and Unreal Developers. Shortly, it will be increasingly easy for users to become creators, import their content and customize their environments without game engine knowledge.

creators / publishing program

You shall use the Mira documentation to learn how to publish content on the Platform, get in touch with our developers if you have any questions, and join a growing community of creators.

> Join Discord / Documentation

The Mira Modkit allows creators to build content, expand the world and build their own experiences. The Mira ModKit is a Unreal Engine project template that includes all the Mira features, the avatars, user system, multi-user and networking capabilities.

Creators, brands and institutions that publish on the Mira Core own their work. 

The licensing agreement protects the rights and intellectual property of contributors, both legally and on the blockchain. All stakeholders can monetize and trade their creations.

Mira is currently a curated platform and accepts projects only of the highest visual and design standards.

Reach out to the creator program here if you are a creator, studio or 3D agency.

Reach out to our partnership team if you are a brand, a corporation or an institution.

buy and sell

You can purchase flats through the Opensea platform. In the Mira profil you will be able to see all collections currently for sale.
Note:  Make sure you are on the right profile → Link

In-game assets are represented by NFTs granting full property rights to sell, rent or trade through the Mira Marketplace and Opensea platform.


Mira is hosted on the Ethereum Network using a layer two protocol which will allow Mira to be scalable and secure while keeping low gas fees.

The Mira world is not yet a DAO but it will gravitate towards it over the next few years.

You don’t have to, but Mira may provide you with one when needed.