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Painstakingly crafted by a network of cross-border creatives, premium brands, and iconic institutions, Mira federates world builders, game designers, CGI artists, real-time developers, coders and engineers, architects and makers, to further blur the lines between the tangible and the intangible, the possible and the impossible. 

Starting in 2017, the team reached out to the best Unreal creators worldwide and invited them to test the first version of the Mira Modkit (a modkit or SDK that allows creators to expand the Mira World). Today more than 20 studios and creators are already engaged in crafting the world.

Creator’s Program

The Creator Program is here to guide you and give you the tools to publish your amazing work in Mira.

An entire ecosystem is rising to capture and store the world in 3D. Become a pioneer with Mira, and share your work as you could never before. Take your work to the next level with Mira’s multi-user & gamified tools in a real-time environment.



Gigscope creates perfect digital twins in 2D (photo terapixel) and in 3D (highly detailed photogrametric models) for cultural heritage of any scale, going from a coin to a whole building.

Either using microscope to see the tiniest details, or telescope to reveal faraway elements, Gigascope gives access to mico details in our heritage masterpieces (historical buildings, paintings, vitrals, astronomical clock…).


ArtefactoryLab is a high-end Parisian visualization studio for architecture, urban & landscape projects. 

The ArtefactoryLab team created their first images in 1999 and moved on to animated films a few years later when those became the new reference for 3D visualisation. ArtefactoryLab added virtual reality to its range of expertise in 2016, constantly striving to search for new ways to view architecture and tell stories.

The Monument

We create imagery that is beautiful, compelling, and surgically precise to make sure your products and designs are undeniably understood and stand out from the crowd. Utilizing 3D imagery, CG films, immersive experiences, brand identities and digital products we turn complex concepts into beautiful and emotive stories.


Brands, we support you throughout the process of creating your NFT collections and your immersive Metaverse Experiences!

Hyper-reality crafters, we bring your visions to life (even the craziest) and we encrypt them on the Blockchain so that they become unique! We mix best-in-class 3D creative skills, real-time engine technology, and strong NFT marketing and minting capabilities to give brands a cutting-edge presence in web 3.0

One Reality

One Reality use digital twins in virtual worlds for high-speed education, communication, and planning. We engage deeply in our customers’ business models and in the subjects we visualize, which are often on academic levels. Our goals align with the UN SDGs and our focus is to provide true value for safety, sustainability, and business efficiency.

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